Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things

These pictures say it all! Amazing kids! Amazing trip! God is so good to me! 














A Few of their favorite things...

Chloe loved the entire trip. Every park every aspect. Chloe just has a good time where ever she is. But character meetings and Magic Kingdom were her favorite! Especially 1900 Park Fare!

Blake loved the entire trip as well. He loved pin trading and Magic kingdom the most!

Camye loved pin trading and Magic kingdom the most. She had an absolute blast!

Gina loved pin trading, China and meeting Chewbacca.

Paul loved meeting Star Wars and trading pins!! Seeing a pattern here! They all loved the disney pins!

Sage says she loved everything about Disney. But she loved meeting Doc McStuffins the best!

Avah loved swimming at Give Kids the World and making friends. She loved Christmas at GKTW where she was given Tangled Playdoh set. Her favorite was meeting Joy and Sadness.

Mia loved meeting Princess Sofia, Baymax, Joy and Sadness. She loved GKTW Halloween party.

Cade has an ever changing mile long favorite list. He adored meeting Baymax, Chef Mickey (snort) and SpongeBob.

Brynlee loved the Dr a Suess area in Islands of Adventure! Riding one fish two fish was a favorite! She also adores swimming!










Give Kids The World Resort

Give Kids the World resort is just for Wish kids and their families. It is simply amazing! They are equipped for any special need. Every thing within the park is free.

This is our two villas. This place is a vacation within itself. Every day my little kids asked to stay at GKTW over going to the parks. 

The food was amazing! PaPa Johns pizza any time you want. Ice cream. Milkshakes. The fruit bar was amazing! I don't care for the hear down here at all but I do like the sweet watermelon and cantaloupe it produces!

Characters from Disney volunteer to come over 3-4 days a week to spend time with the kids.

Tea parties once a week!

LaTiDa boutique!


Amazing little statues! This photo is of a friend of ours who was visiting with their wish child who also had Biliary Atresia but was transplanted. As you can see Cade was in rare form. But the girls look presh!

Halloween party once a week! And I didn't add a photo but Christmas once a week too with presents!

Puppets at dinner time!


The mayor tucks you in at night! What an absolute treat!

Rides with zero lines! Did I mention Popsicles? Yep any time you wish even breakfast.

Crafts were offered at differnt times as was Painting.

Did I mention this was run by volunteers and donations? Everyone is so kind and considerate and helpful. One of my favorite parts was the volunteers waiting for to help each of my little kids thru the line and getting their food... Including Mia who is strictly gluten free. She was so happy for the many options they had to offer.

Before this trip, I said when i grow up I want to be a Make a Wish volunteer... Now I will add to that a GKTW volunteer.







Monday, May 2, 2016

Disney Day 6--- Epcot and GKTW

We started the day with Epcot. Mission space, Spaceship Earth, China and the character spot were on the list.

Joy and Sadness were so fun! 

But Baymax was the goal... 

China was really cool. We had some Chinese food for lunch. Super yummy!

But then the little kids were done for the day.... No more parks. Too many meltdowns. So we headed back to GKTW for naps then swimming, Halloweeen and More swimming while Big Hero 6 played on the Big screen. Super fun and super relaxing!

A few rides while we waited for Halloween to begin!

Cade loves the Mayor of GKTW and his wife. They are so patient.

And a sleuth showed up at Halloween.. Super cool.

We are so sad this is our last day! We wish we had more time at the GLTW hotel. Such an amazing, amazing place!









Sunday, May 1, 2016

Disney Day 5- GKTW and Chef Mickey

Today was supposed to be a slow and easy day but things kept piling on.

We started the day with Ms Merrys tea party.

Even big brothers went to the tea party.

Then swimming where Cade discovered that he now loves swimming! He thinks because his new liver loves swimming! He has always hated water.

And we learned Brynlee has zero fear of water. No surprise, but summer should be fun.

Then Chef Mickeys character meal... Which I should have canceled. But that's what he asked for on his wish... We have realized he loves the characters... From afar. Tomorrow we have a morning of Mickey and friends at GKTW... Hope it goes well. 

I mean who sips their root beer while Mickey is at their table. 

Group shot! And Pauls plate.:) 

He did play with Darth Vader and the storm troopers tonight when they stopped by to visit the wish kids.

The boys had fun miniature golfing here at GKTW and the girls went off for manicures at LaTiDa boutique. Super fun!

And then we were off to an amazing game of real life Candy Land.

I need to say in case you aren't getting it from my blogs...
Make a wish is Amazing!
Give Kids the World is Amazing!
And Disney is Amazing! Everyone is so Accomadating and kind and adores the wish family!